My kungfu Curriculum

 This is rough draft of my kungfu curriculum and more will be added in the future.

Real fighting skills vs Kata Form training

The question: Can you really learn to fight through form or Kata training?

The quick answer would be no! You can not really learn to fight with only training kata's or forms. (But!!!)

How to use Breakdance skills for fighting

Breakdancing and using it to fight?

If you read the about me page then you already know I trained the dance form called breakdance. Someone may ask, so how can you use breakdancing for fighting? I will tell you

Stances and skills.

Much like shaolin kungfu breakdancing relies on stance training, power training, agility, cardio and body control (balance). If you train the basic stances for long periods of time you will find that you have gained new power or energy. From these stances there are several ways to move or use your power to transition to a new stance. Breakdance stances can be fixed positions or dynamic positions but there we always be a fixed point, that's called a stance (hahaha). Here are some stances:

About me and the Path to Kungfu

Path to Kungfu - About me

My name is Joshua (Jay) and welcome to my blog. I made this blog to tell you about my journey and findings on my path to kungfu (gongfu).